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InCrEG LibertyLook is a software to manage hairdressing salons and beauty salons. It is really easy to use and fully featured.

InCrEG LibertyLook is free. You only have to download the software from this web site.

As a constant will to improve our software for Hairdressers and beautician, we regularly provide upgrades. You'll only have to downlaod them to upgrade or use the upgrade feature of the software.

  • Finally earn some time : InCrEG LibertyLook make you and your salon more efficient. You'll build invoice with only 4 clics !
  • Your accountancy will receive the right figures of the month or the year : Computers are born for calculation, so let it do.
  • Manage your stock very easily : You're over with the inventory drudgery, it is extremly simplified.
  • Keep up to date with your hairdresser or beautician activity : Show valor of your work thanks to the almost unlimited statistics of the software. 
  • Computers at your hands : InCrEG LibertyLook is known about its ease to use
  • You already use one software ? Please compare with our software for hairdresser and beautician, you'll find some obvious and numerous advantages. And don't forget : This software for the complete management of hardressing salons is free !
  • You have several point for cashing in your salon ? InCrEG LibertyLook has been designed to work in any network : So everything is ready, you can even use older computers for the others.
  • You manage several hairdressing salons or beauty salons ? You can access information of each salon from one unique place. It may be from your home ?
  • Our software is still alive, together we'll handle you specific casesJust ask us.

InCrEG LibertyLook includes every features you need to manage your hairdressing salon : 

  • Customers management with their history 
  • Quick billing of the customers
  • Appointements management
  • Services subscriptions management
  • Check print for customers
  • Cash flow management (Cash, Credit card, ...) 
  • Stocks, purchasing, inventory and suppliers management 
  • Optimized contribution of the items and the catalog 
  • Collaborators and their attendancy management 
  • Statistics calculation and comparison based on many statistics and even more if needed 
  • Many reports : accountancy draft, logbook, turnover, stocks, selling, ... 
  • Mailings available
  • Personnalization of the software to the look of your hairdressing salon
  • Immediate Network capability
  • Direct access to the informations of your many salons from you home 
  • More than 20 parameters you can customize to your use (Kind of hair, Kind of customer, Kind of catalog element, ...) 
  • Upgrade the software from Internet