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InCrEG LibertyLook : Discover your brand new software to manage your Hairdressing or your Beauty Salon

InCrEG LibertyLook is a software that manages Hairdressing and Beauty salons. This software is really easy to understand and also fully featured.

Every features a Hairdressing or a Beauty salon need to manage its commerce is available in LibertyLook.

This is an Open Source software using the GPL license. So you are granted to get the source code as an addition to the directly usable software. Another point is that your get it for free.

LibertyLook software history

These software have been first developped by Emmanuel Guyot than they have been selled by the InCrEG company which was born on April 2002.

Following the rool out of this company in October 2004, Emmanuel Guyot has decided to push the whole programs into the Open Source domain, under the GPL licence. So, from the SourceForge site, where they have been installed, these software keep on evolving with the help of the Open Source community.

They are now freely available, through the download process of SourceForge "Project: InCrEG beauty salons & hairdressers: File List".

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